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Who We Are

The Stansberry Firm is dedicated to providing strategic business planning services to business owners in a broad range of industries.  We draw from over 25 years of real life business, financial and operational experience, making our Business Sale RepresentationFair Market Business Valuations and Operational Consulting services the best and most reliable available.

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Why Consider Professional Representation?

The business sale process can be extremely complex, and sometimes the smallest of details can mean a substantial difference in the net proceeds to you as the seller: It’s not just the price, but the terms of the transaction that can make this difference. The Stansberry Firm has the experience and applied knowledge to ensure your business sale is managed and negotiated correctly. Read the 6 points to consider when deciding if professional representation or self representation is best for your transaction.

Small Firm, Big Results

There are many large, corporate brokerage firms to choose from; they will have multi-member teams with seemingly impressive credentials and they will manage numerous acquisitions at a time, spanning several different industries. They may also charge large upfront retainer and/or valuation fees and may not have the industry knowledge, contacts, dedication or focus needed to successfully negotiate YOUR business sale.


The Stansberry Firm however is a specialized boutique firm with specific experience related to the various aspects of the rental industry. We can’t field a softball team with our staff, but we do have “corporate” experience, a large qualified and diverse buyer network, and proven results and, we guarantee a very personalized turn-key service. Read more about how we succeed over a larger, general advisory group.

The Stansberry Firm Promises:

The Stansberry Firm is committed to helping the owners of closely held businesses maximize the value of their business. We approach your business as if we were a shareholder; if we feel we can’t deliver tangible results far in excess of any fees charged, then we won’t take on the engagement.

  • Our goal is to provide honest, fair and professional services that add value to our client companies. If we feel we cannot add value to a particular client, we will tell that to the potential client. We will not exaggerate or alter interpretations of past or anticipated results.


  • We will treat all our clients and those that we come in contact with respect and dignity. Our advice and actions are based on years of experience and will not be tempered with emotions or impulsiveness.


  • When engaged by a client, we treat that business as if we were a integral part of that company. We will never give advice, or propose services, that are not in the best interest of the owners of that business.

Meet Our Leadership


Gary holds nearly 20 years of experience as a rental industry advisor, previously serving in executive roles at two major publicly traded acquirers in their M&A departments and practicing as an independent business sale representative.  Having represented over 100 businesses in sale transactions and having founded and sold two companies of his own throughout his career, Gary has a well-rounded understanding of not only the complex strategies but also the emotional aspect of a business sale transaction.  Gary also frequently contributes to several industry publications through his numerous articles and informative presentations to various industry groups.

Senior Analyst

Austen is the newest member of the Stansberry Firm, joining as a Senior Analyst.  He will help the Stansberry firm with data analysis, communication with clients and new technologies.  Austen is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Texas. Austen’s professional experience includes working for the Bass Family in Fort Worth. With Bass Enterprises Production Company (BEPCO) Austen worked as a fund accountant in the real estate group and helped streamline operations and create efficiencies in the monthly and annual reporting processes. Before Bass, Austen worked in the Dallas location of Ernst & Young in their Financial Services Office (FSO).  He worked as an external auditor in the Banking and Capital Markets arm of FSO serving banking clients both public and private.  Austen has undergraduate degrees in finance and accounting as well as a Masters of Accounting from Texas Christian University.