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The Stansberry Firm values all aspects of your business and provides a well-rounded, in-depth report of both tangible and intangible characteristics of your company. Though we include a full financial analysis and benchmark formulas, our valuation is not “boilerplate.” We will give you the real life transaction value of your business based on the current market, using the same valuation methods we see used by today’s acquirers.


Typically, our Fair Market Business Valuations are reserved for unique situations such as divorce, dissolution, valuation of business for estate purposes in the event of death or disability, or the sale or succession of the business to an employee or family member.  We are happy to provide a free, confidential consultation to determine if our valuation services would be beneficial to your unique situation.

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Our Fair Market Business Valuation Service Includes:

accurate fair business valuation service
  • Financial Analysis: The full analysis includes financial values based on formulas of revenues, cash flow and asset values.


  • Strategic implications of acquisition:  We note potential upside for an acquirer such as opening up a new geographic region, a new product line/technology, a new set of customers, or cost savings through consolidation of functions, facilities.


  • Value of staff and management: The report considers whether company staff provides exceptional or marginal management, operations and sales talent. It is important to consider who is willing to stay with the company and who a potential acquirer risks losing.


  • Evaluating business trends: Falling revenue or profit creates uncertainty. Uncertainty drives transaction prices downward. Upward trending revenues and profits, if sustainable, tend to increase the valuation.


  • Identify opportunity: We go beyond just the basic formulas of business valuation and detail rationale of our valuation opinion. Along the way, we point out ways that we think we you can improve your operations and improve the valuation.

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Our standard fee for a comprehensive business valuation report is $7,500 plus travel expenses. The standard fee may be somewhat higher on more complex valuations including those that involve multiple entities or multiple locations

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The Stansberry Firm has a long and storied history of working with businesses in a variety of industries. Here are some examples of just a few of our hundreds of satisfied clients.

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