RER Cover Story, April 2017: Fleet Management 101

RER Cover Story, April 2017: Fleet Management 101

RER Magazine, Cover Story, April 2017

Carolyn Stansberry


Tom Landry once said, “the secret to winning is constant, consistent management.”  Though he was referring to football, this ideology is universal and can be directly applied to your business, specifically to managing your rental inventory “portfolio.”


In her most recent article, featured as the Cover Story in the April 2017 issue of RER Magazine, Carolyn Stansberry discusses why it is so important to track certain metrics within in your rental fleet and how to utilize those benchmarks to maximize the return on your investment.  Key topics include when and how to determine purchases and divestitures as well as other practices and metrics to help maintain and improve your current fleet.

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Carolyn Stansberry is the Director of Strategy at The Stansberry Firm.  Read her bio here or contact her directly at [email protected] or 817-965-9838.